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31. Carol Pascale Murals and Decorative Painting
A portfolio of murals and uniquely painted wall, floor and furniture finishes for home or business.
Added: 2006-06-25   Region: USA       
32. Fabrica
Fabrica, the Benetton research centre on communication, is primarily a meeting place. Meetings between people, of course, but also between artistic fields, languages, forms of expression, territories.
Added: 2006-05-13   Region: Italy       
 Admin comment: Fabrica is the communication and research center for Benetton.
Buy, sell, and research Fine & Decorative Art online. Artnet features international galleries, artists and artworks, the largest database of Fine Art auction results & images, and the art world's leading online magazine.
Added: 2006-05-07       
 Admin comment: An arts portal, with artist listing, galleries, and auctions.
34. Art Dorks
Art Dorks is a place on the wide world of the interweb for like minded artists to share their art work in the Gallery, talk smack in the Forums or just hang out and breath in that new website smell (better hurry, it's starting to fade).
Added: 2006-03-24       
 Admin comment: An online community for artists to share their work in personal galleries. The aim is to network, discuss, and help each other grow artistically.
35. Giclee - Guide to Ordering and Marketing
Giclee knowledge base for artists and photographers. Information on canvas, watercolor and satin paper printing.
Added: 2006-01-12       
36. Understandard
Understandard Artist Network, register, log-in, post your artwork, connect with artists from around the world, absolutely free. Just a helping hand for the vast majority of designers out there, wanting to get their artwork noticed, and possibly hired.
Added: 2005-11-27   Region: USA       
37. Terry Rodgers
The official web site of contemporary artist Terry Rodgers. Featuring figurative, realistic, oil paintings.
Added: 2005-10-29   Region: USA       
 Admin comment: Rodgers is an accomplished painter with a striking mastery of light and transitions as is evidenced by his current body of work. This work focuses on the life of upper middle class Americans, seemingly adrift in affluence and casualness, unsatisfied and disconnected.
38. FYMarte
FYMarte specializes in mural, object, furniture, and fine art painting. Its painting and design concepts for spaces range from traditional decorative over graphic to ethnoart solutions.
Added: 2005-10-17       
39. Aspen Murals
Aspen Murals is an international consortium of highly skilled decorative artisans and artists specializing in exceptional quality bespoke decorative finishes and murals.
Added: 2005-09-20   Region: International       
40. Artifact
The guide to quality Internet resources in the Arts and Creative Industries.
Added: 2005-08-29   Region: UK       

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