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41. Cartlidge Levene
Our approach is simple: we are passionate about design and communication and we are driven by excellence. Formed in 1987, we have over 20 years of experience in delivering design of the highest standards.
Added: 2007-12-16   Region: UK       
42. Lisa Ann Wilson - A Blank A Day
Every day a new sketch. Every month a new subject.
Added: 2007-12-10   Region: USA       
43. Bürocratik
Bürocratik is a Coimbra-based (Portugal) design & multimedia studio. Why bürocratik? The name materializes what we do for a living, we feed bureaucracy by giving our clients cool stationary & nice websites.
Added: 2007-11-13   Region: Portugal       
44. Imaginary moments - Fabien Barral
Imaginary moments is the portfolio of Fabien Barral, and presents is graphic design and photography work.
Added: 2007-11-13   Region: France       
45. Cacao Design
15 talented industry professionals including art directors, graphic designers, web and industrial designers, as well as a network of selected providers for the production phase.
Added: 2007-11-08   Region: Italy       
46. Eskimo
We do what we love to do - specialising in art directing, designing and developing brands for premium and luxury markets. The Studio located in Sydney.
Added: 2007-10-03   Region: Australia       
47. SuperActionGoTeam
SuperActionGoTeam is a multidisciplinary design studio providing sophisticated results across a broad spectrum of mediums.
Added: 2007-09-23   Region: Australia       
48. Edwin Tofslie
Edwin Tofslie Art Direction & Design. I am an online and traditional Art Director & Designer and have been lucky enough to work on some great brands over the past few years.
Added: 2007-09-23   Region: USA       
 Admin comment: Now he working at Summit Projects leading up brands such as Nike Golf, Dr. Martens and Lucas Arts.
49. 2GC, Inc.
2GC, Inc. is a full-service creative agency dedicated to providing customers with unique and consistent visual communications.
Added: 2007-09-21   Region: USA       
50. Sireh Dan Cengkeh
Sireh Dan Cengkeh is about ordinary people & their innovative ideas. Teacher, student, business owner, father, mother, entreperneur, webmaster, artist, entrepreneur, nurse, graphic artist, designer, musicial, lecturer, etc. It’s about us.
Added: 2007-09-02   Region: Malaysia       

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