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Photography now is an agency for Photography and Video Art. The agency publishes an international online directory as well as a german print journal / exhibition guide for Germany, Austria , Switzerland and Luxembourg.
Added: 2009-11-20   Region: Germany       
 Admin comment: The agency also curates exhibitions and is responsible for all aspects of photographic art consulting and exhibition management.
42. JazzyPatterns
Collection of royalty-free vector repeat patterns for print and digital media projects. Make your own web backgrounds, stationery, greeting cards, backing papers and more.
Added: 2009-11-07       
43. AtEdge is the online partner to AtEdge, a continuing series of publications that connects top-echelon assignment photographers with the world's most active and influential art directors.
Added: 2009-10-05   Region: USA       
 Admin comment: Participation in AtEdge is by invitation only. This selectivity ensures a premier level of talent. AtEdge presents commercial photography in a premium fine art environment, challenging creative buyers to break away from tradition.
44. Editorial Photographers (EP)
Editorial Photographers (EP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and profitability of editorial photography.
Added: 2009-08-31   Region: USA       
 Admin comment: The EP mission is to educate photographers and photography buyers about business issues affecting our industry, and in the process raise the level of business practices in the profession.
45. John Lee
Online portfolio of illustrator John Lee; specializing in editorial, storyboard, book, and comic illustration.
Added: 2009-08-16   Region: USA       
46. BIPP - British Institute of Professional Photography
BIPP - British Institute of Professional Photography is the premier qualifying body for all professional photographers.
Added: 2009-07-19   Region: UK       
47. Peter Lippmann
Specializing in still life, advertising, magazine work, food, and trompe l'oeil.
Added: 2009-07-06   Region: France       
 Admin comment: Lippmann is an American-born photographer who has worked in Paris for 25 years. He publishes regularly in Vogue, the New York Times Magazine, Marie Claire, and Le Figaro.
48. The Royal Photographic Society - RPS
The Royal Photographic Society was founded in 1853 'to promote the Art and Science of Photography', a mission it continues to this day in the United Kingdom and through its considerable overseas membership.
Added: 2009-06-08   Region: UK       
49. Masters of Photography
Masters of Photography features the greatest practitioners of the camera. Over 1000 photos, along with extensive essays and biographies, make this an indispensable resource for the casual or professional student of photography.
Added: 2009-06-05       
50. The Center for Photography at Woodstock
Woodstock is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 artist-centered organization dedicated to supporting artists working in photography and related media and engaging audiences through opportunities in which creation, discovery, and education are made possible.
Added: 2009-05-21   Region: USA       

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