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51. ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio
Group of mexican creators and independent comic book artists and animators. They are the creators of Karmatron and have published in the US for Simpsons Comics. Site is in spanish and includes a broad selection of sketches and works.
Added: 2006-02-05   Region: Mexico       
52. Vicki Gausden
Illustrator and Hand-Lettering artist based in the UK. Simple, quirky style with bold colour use.
Added: 2005-12-02   Region: UK       
53. Linzie Hunter
Quirky Digital Illustration for Books, Magazines & Advertising.
Added: 2005-11-26   Region: UK       
54. Tomer Hanuka
Traditional media editorial and book cover illustrations.
Added: 2005-11-21   Region: USA       
 Admin comment: Online portfolio includes published work, paintings, caricatures, and editorial illustration, information about Bipolar Comics.
HELLOVON - Online gallery of London based illustrator Von.
Added: 2005-11-14   Region: UK       
56. David Lanham
David Lanham features galleries of his sketches, artwork, and animations as well as icons and desktops.
Added: 2005-11-10       
57. Tom Neely
Tom Neely is a illustrator, painter, cartoonist, and animator living in Los Angeles.
Added: 2005-11-09   Region: USA       
 Admin comment: His work has been featured in galleries in San Francisco and Los Angeles, magazines, literary journals, on album covers, rock posters and self-published comics.
58. Paula Romani
Illustrations by Paula Romani. Focused on fashion, lifestyle, women, and beauty markets. All illustrations are digital and have a whimsical style.
Added: 2005-11-06       
59. Nicholas Deakin
Illustration portfolio of Nicholas Deakin.
Added: 2005-10-26   Region: UK       
60. Doodleblog
Doodleblog is a sketchbook remix project by Illustrated History creative director Simon Palmer. Simple but subtly addictive, you're never more than two metres from a doodle.
Added: 2005-10-21       

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