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11. David Byun
Creative portfolio of fashion photographer David Byun. He began as a designer, worked art director with such clients as ESPN, Informix, MasterCard, RCN, Fiorucci, Volvo ... Today he one of the most required photographers of New York.
Added: 2007-10-03   Region: USA       
12. Jens Boldt
The website of talented fashion photographer Jens Boldt, who live and work in Paris and Hamburg. He works with such clients as Givenchy, Jalouse, Garbage, Iggy Pop, Deutshe Post...
Added: 2007-09-22   Region: France/Germany       
13. Koray Birand
Koray Birand photography, focused on fashion and dance photography. London/Istanbul
Added: 2007-03-17   Region: UK/Turkey       
 Admin comment: He is now working for most of the major leading brands.
14. Sylvie Blum Photography
Sylvie Blum known for her surreal images of the nude form and cutting-edge fashion photography. Her work is modern, funky and edgy but always celebrates the classy elegance and tells a story of an exciting subtile moment.
Added: 2007-01-11       
15. Richard Avedon
The official Richard Avedon site. Contains chronology, news, publication and exhibition lists, awards, and articles.
Added: 2007-01-06       
 Admin comment: Richard Avedon, the famed fashion photographer, greatly influenced the world of fashion, photography and art throughout the 40 years of his career. He set the standards for fashion in his work with Harper's Bazaar and Vogue from the early 1940's up to today.
16. Baldovino Barani
Baldovino Barani Photography.
Added: 2006-10-23       
17. Brigham Field
Brigham Field is a beauty & fashion photographer based in Los Angeles and New York City. His work has been published by GQ (Germany), Black + White Magazine (Australia), and Stern, among others.
Added: 2006-08-23   Region: USA       
 Admin comment: Before becoming a photographer, Brigham worked as a fashion model. He also spent 8 years as a creative director for brands such as Apple, AOL Time-Warner, BMW, Daimler-Chrysler, Disney, Hilton and MasterCard.
18. Bruno Bisang
Since 1979 Bruno Bisang has worked as a freelance photographer, first in Zurich, and then for a time in Milan and Munich. Now he works between Milan, New York, Zurich and Paris for a renowned clientele.
Added: 2006-08-11       
 Admin comment: He photographs advertising campaigns for most of the major fashion houses and his work appears regularly in magazines such as Vogue, Max, GQ, and Amica
19. Fabjan's photographic portfolio
Photographic portfolio of Pawel Fabjanski, Polish photographer living in Vienna, Austria and represented by Take Production (Italy) and PhotoBy (Poland) agencies.
Added: 2006-07-07   Region: Poland       
20. Shuichi Tsunoda
Japanese fashion photographer Shuichi Tsunoda works include portraits, beauty, advertising photos.
Added: 2005-09-25   Region: Japan       

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