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About Design Directory:

The Design Directory is more than design, more than inspiration! is made by designers for designers and other professionals, who are involved in different spheres of design - photographers, illustrators, architects, web programmers, etc. It is a multi-profile design site for YOU, if you are looking for state-of-the-art and creative ideas, because our Directory will provide you only with quality design links.

Goals: The main goal of the Design Directory is to filter out thousands of design-related web sites and to exhibit only the quality-content design sites in one place. The Design Directory is to help you find useful design-related information without wasting any of your time.

Story: The Design Directory is the outcome of several years’ Internet searches, the results of which were first saved as Internet browser bookmarks and then divided into categories. After all it appeared to be such a large list that we were lost in the labyrinth of these design sites and couldn’t find any information even for ourselves. So all this made us create a web directory, where we would register not only the web sites of our preference but also the design sites of universal interest, that would meet the needs of other professional designers.

Structure: Design Directory is divided into some categories and subcategories that make the process of searching easier and more convenient. These categories and subcategories are to help users to easily sale among many design web sites and to quickly find the information needed.

Contact us: It will be our pleasure to receive your suggestions and comments. Contact us and we will do our best to improve our directory based on your suggestions and comments or to help you find the information you need.

Check out regularly our web site not to miss the updates.

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