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1. Icograda - International Council of Graphic Design Associations
Icograda is a worldwide body providing graphic design information, resources, events and news from the design world.
Added: 2005-06-15   Region: Canada       
 Admin comment: Founded in London in 1963, it is a voluntary coming together of associations concerned with graphic design, design management, design promotion, and design education. Icograda promotes graphic designers' vital role in society and commerce. Icograda unifies the voice of graphic designers and visual communication designers worldwide.
2. EPDA (European Packaging Design Association)
The EPDA is the European leading association for brand design agencies. Founded in 1990 by a group of friends and associates active in packaging design, the epda has become a unique community with more than 80 member agencies across Europe.
Added: 2012-05-22       
3. Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD)
Society for Environmental Graphic Design The global community of people working at the intersection of communication design and the built environment.
Added: 2009-07-02   Region: USA       
 Admin comment: SEGD's web site is for designers, fabricators, students and educators involved in the filed of environmental graphic design.
4. Grafia
Grafia association is a professional organization which seeks to promote expertise in and understanding of graphic design, and to look after the professional, juridical and economical interests of its members.
Added: 2009-06-03   Region: Finland       
 Admin comment: Grafia was founded in 1933 and is a founding Member of Icograda, member of BEDA and of Nordisk Visuell Kommunikation.
5. GDC - The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada
GDC is Canada's national graphic design association. It is a member-based organization of design professionals, educators, administrators, students, and associates in communications, marketing, media and design-related fields.
Added: 2007-10-28   Region: Canada       
The Cuban PROGRÁFICA Committee is a non profitable organization that works to promote the cultural values of Graphic Design, sponsored by the National Plastic Arts Council of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba.
Added: 2007-07-24   Region: Cuba       
 Admin comment: Prografica brings together a group of outstanding Cuban graphic designers of different generations interested in working without lucrative interest in the promotion of Graphic Design.
7. The International Friendly
The International Friendly began in the Summer of 2001 as a way for four California College of the Arts students to collectively bring together our individual aesthetics and concepts with the ultimate goal of creating and running our own design studio.
Added: 2005-10-03       
8. Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA)
The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) is the national association for professional graphic designers. It was founded in 1988 to facilitate the advancement of the graphic design profession in Australia.
Added: 2005-08-30   Region: Australia       
 Admin comment: Managing body of award programs, exhibitions, seminars and professional development activities for its members.
9. ADG-FAD - Spanish Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers
ADG-FAD, is a national association of visual communication professionals, bringing together graphic designers and art directors. It was created in 1961 as an initiative by various professionals form the visual communication field.
Added: 2005-08-05   Region: Spain       
 Admin comment: The functions of ADG-FAD are to promote and represent national design on an international level, which is possible due the wide representability of its members. ADG-FAD is a founding member of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA) and the Art Director’s Club of Europe (ADCE).
10. Iranian Graphic Designer Society (IGDS)
Iranian Graphic Designers Society homepage. Articles of association. Membership rules and forms.
Added: 2005-07-16   Region: Iran       

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