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1. Graphis
GRAPHIS, the international magazine/jurnal of visual communication.
Added: 2005-02-12   Region: USA       
 Admin comment: Graphis Inc. also publishes a series of annual and bi-annual books, each of which handsomely presents the most innovative work produced on an international level in the fields of graphic design, photography, advertising and corporate identity.
2. i-D
i-D has built its reputation on being a consistent source of inspiration in fashion culture. i-D began as a fanzine dedicated to the street style of punk-era London in 1980, and quickly earned its position at the vanguard of fashion and style.
Added: 2011-04-29   Region: UK       
3. Creative Quarterly
We search the web for interesting projects in art and design to share with our readers. We ask our readers to share what inspires them.The purpose, not to copy but to inspire.
Added: 2011-04-14   Region: USA       
4. Colophon
Colophon 2009 is an on-going project building a database of magazines and a network of organizations and people from all over the world.
Added: 2010-04-01   Region: Luxembourg       
5. Iniciativa Colectiva
Iniciativa Colectiva, a magazine for artists, by artists. Iniciativa Colectiva’s aim is to showcase outstanding visual content in a bi-monthly online publication which includes artists interviews, event listings and much more.
Added: 2009-01-04       
 Admin comment: IC Showcases all styles of visual media including: Illustration, Graphic Design, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and more.
6. Flash Art
Founded in 1978 by Giancarlo Politi and Helena Kontova, it immediately established itself as the leading magazine of contemporary art worldwide, both for its choice of artists and its coverage of the most up-to-date trends. Distributed in 87 countries.
Added: 2008-12-07   Region: Italy       
7. Font magazine / Časopis FONT
The Font magazine has been published since 1991 by the advertising and graphic agency Kafka Design. Our ambition is to present to you the world of graphics, advertising, pre press, printing and web design.
Added: 2007-09-24   Region: Czech Republic       
 Admin comment: The basic language of a site the Czech. The magazine inform readers about graphic and advertising competitions and awards that relate to the field of pre press. These awards are called Zlata pecka, (TheGolden stone), Nejkrasnejsi kniha (The most beautiful book) and Nejlepsi vyrocni zprava (The annual report with the best design).
8. d[x]i magazine
d[x]i is a quarterly publication devoted to creativity, visual culture and contemporary art making. Among its contents you will find subjects about industrial design, graphic design, interior design, photography as well as other cross-media disciplines.
Added: 2007-07-24   Region: Spain       
 Admin comment: d[x]i is a experimental platform which goes beyond the limits of editorial work, generating an independent environment in which different viewpoints of contemporary culture converge with up to date information.
9. Varoom
Varoom – the journal of illustration and made images is a magazine devoted to exploring the world of illustration and image-making.
Added: 2007-06-22   Region: UK       
 Admin comment: The magazine is published three times a year by The Association of Illustrators.
EMPTY is a magazine about creativity, in all its forms. It's really that simple. It's published 6 times a year if we get our act together, and about 4 or 5 if we don't.
Added: 2007-06-07   Region: Australia       

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